QI-X is a company determined to change how the surfing business operates.

QI-X is a group of people, professionals, surfers, neighborhood kids and investors, who believe that through honest business practices, reaching out to the right people, developing a strong web of communities; communities of surfers, communities of shapers, and communities in general, we can influence surfing to embrace more people in more parts of the world, making surfing a truly international sport. We believe that in supporting the surging growth of surf in the world, that we will grow to be a major power in surfing.

QI-X's mission is to sell surfboards of the absolute best quality at affordable prices, and through that model, to support communities and surfers in the places that most need a boost around help around the world. We want to develop an ASP World Champion from outside of the US and Australia and we want to help develop local surfing cultures in all of the places around the world that have waves, beaches and people of adventurous spirit.

QI-X is dedicated to developing communities to share the rush, the love, and the experiences that are surfing with people who might not otherwise have the chance to fall in love with the sport as we have.

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